Barbado Sheep at the Broken "B"

These aren't the fluffy little sheep of fairy tells. These are a meat breed developed in South Texas and bred to survive in the rough deserts of the Southwest. They are extremely heat and disease tolerant with a high twinning rate. The males of the species have large curled horns and are highly sought after as a trophy animal.

    Our selection of this breed is because of the above characteristics. They do well on forage alone and are well suited to our south Texas climate. This is a major concern since we do not provide supplemental feed to them. They spend their days foraging the grasses in the fields and left over Pecans under the trees. Its a peaceful and as stress free environment as we can provide.

    Since this breed of sheep can be bred out of season, we normally have some lamb available all year round, but our heaviest season is spring. We have have an agreement with a local custom butcher who is convenient to San Antonio. You pay us for the lamb and then pay the butcher for the processing when you pick up your meat.

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    We have chosen grass raised lamb as one of our main enterprises for several health reasons. Grass raised lamb meat is high in the cancer fighting agent conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). In fact a grass fed lamb has the highest concentration of CLA of all meats, poultry or fish. Grass fed lambs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are cancer fighting fats. Grass raised livestock will be unlikely to ever have E Coli contamination. By using grass fed products we return to a more traditional and natural diet produced on local family farms.

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