Rabbits at the Broken "B"


    Our rabbits are our daughter's project. Our current stock is New Zealand, a medium size meat breed. We are letting Miranda start small and work up. The money earned off the sale of the bunnies will be used to teach her money and business management skills and a large portion will go into her savings account.

    We are currently breeding for the upcoming season. Availability will be seasonal since we do not breed during the hottest months.

    Currently grass is harvested by hand and fed to the rabbits on a daily basis. We are experimenting with different methods of  raising them on pasture just like we do our other animals. However rabbits love to dig, so our standard pasture pens just won't work. One future  plan is to set aside an area and lay down fencing on top of the ground. As the grasses grow up through the fencing, the young rabbits will be moved across it in bottomless cages. This will provide access to fresh grasses while protecting the rabbits from predators, as well as preventing them from digging out. As the bottomless cage is moved each day it will prevent manure build up and return fertility to the soil.

    Of course, that's just a plan for now, but we'll keep you updated as things progress.

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