Pastured Poultry Broiler Operation

The best tasting chicken you've had in a long time!

We purchase both our Laying Hens and Broilers as day old chicks. Our Broilers are pasture raised following the guidelines set forth in the book Pastured Poultry Profits by Joel Salatin. This method calls for raising the broilers out-of-doors on the natural earth and grass, in portable pens that are moved every day. This method provides the growing Broilers clean, disease free grass, out in the cleansing sunshine while providing predator protection. The birds are fed, in addition to all the bugs and grass they can forage, feed that is free of antibiotics, medications and hormones. The chlorophyll in the fresh grass acts as a natural cleanser and the constant movement of the cages prevents any build up of manure. This allows the nutrients to return back to the soil without burning out the grasses We believe this results in a healthier, happier and better tasting chicken, raised in an environmentally friendly way.

We can attest to the fact that the meat of these birds is fantastic. The breast meat is a bright clean white, instead of the yellow-gray of supermarket birds. We love to cook the birds over a slow heat for stews and soups as the flavor when cooked this way is incredibly full bodied and distinctive.

If you would like a quick comparison of the raising of our Broilers and the ones you typically find in the supermarket, please click the below link. You decide which ones seem to have a happier, healthier and more humane life. Please be aware that the conditions in a Commercial Broiler Operation can be brutal. 

Comparison Of Commercial Operation with Pastured Poultry


Since we try to provide our livestock with a healthy low stress environment, they are raised in accordance with the natural seasons. This means that many of our products are available only at certain times of the year. Since we do not have freezer space to hold all the requests we receive, orders are taken in advance. We order the day-old chicks to meet the demand and 8 weeks later you pick up your processed birds.

We realize that purchasing our product requires, that you as a consumer, plan further ahead than you may be used to doing. We hope that when you look at the healthy way we raise our livestock and the quality of the products we are providing that you will understand why this is necessary.

Scheduled dates for Pastured Broilers